Apartment Cleaning Checklist

Cleaning your apartment may seem a massive job. But, with proper planning, you can successfully complete this apartment cleaning mission.

So, Why Should You Keep Your Apartment Clean?

1) To Maintain A Healthy Ambiance

When you clean your apartment occasionally, you are sweeping away all the dirt and grime. As a result, you can have a hygienic and healthy environment inside your apartment. You will smell no odor and you will breathe fresh air.

2) To Avoid Allergic Symptoms

Bacteria and dust mites can cause allergic symptoms. Though you may not find the real cause behind these allergic problems. It would be unprecedented and sudden.

3) To Impress Your Guests

Your guests would never like dusty curtains and floors. Your oily kitchen floor would not attract anybody. Hence, you need to keep everything clean.

4) To Save Money

When you clean your apartment yourself, you don’t have to call professional cleaners. As a result, you can save money.

A Useful Apartment Cleaning Checklist

First of all, you need all the equipment to clean your apartment. You can order them online or you can pick them from your local stores. But whatever you do, you must have every piece of equipment in hand before you start cleaning your place.

The Equipment and Tools You Need

1) White Vinegar

2) Lemon Juice

3) Lukewarm Water

4) Microfiber Cloths

5) All-Purpose Cleaner

6) Carpet Cleaner

7) Steel or metal Cleaner

8) Oven Cleaner

9) Vacuum Cleaner

10) Broom

11) Buckets

12) Mop

13) Sponges

14) Tea Tree Oil

15) Toilet Brush

16) Bleach

How To Clean Your Apartment Minutely

1) Bedroom Cleaning

To start cleaning your bedroom, you must replace the dirty bedsheets. You should wash your sheets well. If you have a messy floor with tons of clothes, then you should fold them. Moreover, you can also wash dirty clothes.

There could be papers, small things on your bedroom floor. Collect all of them and put them in your trash can.

Now, you have to wipe all the furniture and appliances with a dry cloth. This process will remove all the dust layers. Then, vacuum your floor carpet and curtains. Don’t forget to clean under your bed and furniture.

2) Living Room Cleaning

Your living room could be filled with sofas and tables. You may have other furniture like a TV stand or router or computer desk. Try to clean all of them.

Run your vacuum cleaner over your sofa and chairs. You can also mop the floor (the areas without carpet).

Throw away all the trash that is irrelevant. You should wipe your walls with a damp cloth and you should not skip the cobwebs.

3) Kitchen Cleaning

The grime in your kitchen could be truly thick and sticky. Hence, you have to prepare a solution mixing vinegar and water (1:2). You can also use detergent or dishwasher.

Now, take a microfiber cloth and soak it into the solution. After that, you can wipe all the cabinets and make them oil and dust free.

You should clean your kitchen appliances and your kitchen island. If you have stools in your kitchen, you should clean them too.

After cleaning all these sections, you have to remove the oil layer from your kitchen floor. Hence, use a strong solution (bleach and warm water). You have to apply the solution on the floor using a mop.

Then, take a brush with hard bristles and scrub your kitchen floor. At last clean your kitchen floor with fresh water. That’s it your kitchen floor would have no sticky oily layer.

Now it’s time to clean your refrigerator. First of all, take a look inside your refrigerator and throw out all the leftovers. Then, you may find empty cans and expired food packets. You should also clean them. In short, organize your refrigerator and throw out all the wastes.

4) Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning may be a time-consuming job. Hence, choose a holiday to clean your bathroom.

You have to clean your faucets, sinks, toilet covers, bathtub, and every piece of plastic, metal, and ceramics. But, you should never use strong chemicals to clean them. You can use ordinary detergent or liquid soaps.

To clean inside your toilet, you need a brush and antacid tabs. Scrub inside the toilet to remove all the stains.

Your drains or water outlets may have hair and dust on them. So, clean them. Apart from that, you should also clean the bath towels.

At last, mop the bathroom floor with a good bathroom floor cleaner. You can also clean the bathroom tiles to make them super fresh.

5) Kid’s Room Cleaning

Your kid’s room may look small. But, it could be filled with lots of things. So, start cleaning your kid’s bed. Change your kid’s bedsheet and wash the dirty one.

Then, take two baskets. Try to keep soft toys in one basket and hard toys in the other one.

If your kid’s room has a desk, then you should clean the desk. Your kid’s supplies and books should be placed neatly. Fold your kid’s clothes and keep them inside the wardrobe. Finally, vacuum the entire room patiently.

6) Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is a big task. You may have 8 or more windows in your apartment. In that case, you need the proper equipment to clean all your windows.

You can use squeegee and vinegar solution to clean the windows. You can also use a scrubber to clean your windows properly. However, use all the equipment very carefully.

Some people use magnetic brushes to clean windows on both sides at the same time. You can use distilled water to clean your apartment windows without any streaks.

Cleaning your entire apartment may take hours. So, you should not try to clean your whole apartment within a day. You can keep your Sundays to clean one room at a time.

When cleaning your apartment, you should use liquids carefully. Because liquids can kill your electric and electronic appliances. Moreover, try to use DIY cleaning solutions. Chemicals are not good for your pet and children. Hence, try to avoid strong chemicals.

So, schedule your apartment cleaning yourself and clean your apartment occasionally. So that, you don’t have to call professional cleaners.